"Fashion is a style of life for all the places Jessie is going"

All About Jessie

Jessie is a 31 year old Australian Model, Actor & Content Creator currently based in Brisbane. She enjoys evolving her skills and networking within the creative entertainment industry.Jessie has experience in featured and extra roles, in Film, TVCs & MVCs. Jessie prides herself on professionalism while having an infectiously, positive, uplifting and creative personality. Being adaptable and easy going with direction makes her an asset prepared team member on set with a catalog of poses for inspiring photoshoots. She is committed & reliable with great communication and presentation while representing a brand or client, always leaving a lasting memorable impression

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Jessie is on her way to achieve her Dreams

Jessie aspires to create amazing and creative content - while travelling and networking with industry creatives across the World, one day leading her to feature on a cover of the likes of Vogue, Elle or Harper's BAZAAR!

As an Influencer Jessie's dreams are to connect, represent and have a supportive role in Australia for girls on the Autism Spectrum, aswell as children and youths who struggle with Mental Health Challenges and ASD. Jessie is working towards being apart of the ABC's Playschool cast.

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